Isabella Burgio & Alireza Sadeh

Interview from August 2022

Isabella and Alireza are the founders of BURGIO, a small fashion and home brand from Florence, Italy. They founded BURGIO to express their passion for design and to create objects with their own philosophy of colour, texture and form.

In our interview we get insights about their source of inspiration and creativity, upcoming collections and their personal human nest.

Hello Isabella and Alireza! Please tell us a little about you and your work.

We are Isabella and Alireza, a married couple from Italy/Iran. I am a fashion designer and Alireza is an experiential designer and studied Industrial design in Florence, where I am originally from and where we met. We then traveled the world together in the past 8 years for our careers and moved back to Italy from Shanghai when the pandemic hit. BURGIO. is our passion project, we wanted something to work on together as we were figuring our lives out again and we really enjoy working together.

What is the influence for your design aesthetic?

Simple geometric shapes, brutalism architecture but overall we want to create fun, contemporary and bold designs that are also functional. Texture and color are also very important for us, we want to physically feel something when interacting with the object, make it more of an experience.

What fascinates you about ceramics?

We work with stoneware which is more grainy and water resistant. It is also very hard to have such intense colors when working with stoneware and that is what makes our designs so special. But again stoneware left back to what we stand for, textural designs. We also love the weight of stoneware, it's quite heavy and that plays into our bold and fun designs.

How important is sustainability to your work as a designer?

absolutely . I don't think there's an option for a brand not to be sustainable at this point. It should be a given. We make our stoneware pieces in Tuscany and try to minimize our impact on this planet as much as possible, our packaging is also sustainable and made in Italy.

As a Tuscany-based designer, how do you think the city has influenced your work?

We find most of our inspiration in our travels and from the places we live/visit but since being back we have definitely seen the subconscious references. The balance in the shapes, the seamless connections and the rounded elements are a few things we have made the connection with.

How would you describe your personal HUMAN NEST?

Your home is the expression of your soul, is where you feel the safest and for us it's a place to express our creativity to the fullest. It's our very own private space and we cherish it deeply. We (mainly me!) love to add in color and layers and bits and pieces that remind me of my life experiences. I buy a plate everywhere I go and have built a big collection of miss-matched fruit plates.

Lastly, what do you hope the future holds for you and your business? Might you have any new designs or projects you are working on?

So many cool things coming! We have expanded our range, some new stoneware products will be available for Christmas, 2 plates, a big fruit bowl and a candle stick holder ( made in Tuscany candles so hopefully coming your way! Perfect for Christmas gift shopping) as well as our new soft furnishing collection which is already available. We cannot wait to see what the future holds for us and see our designs populate your homes.

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"We work with stoneware which is more grainy and water resistant. It is also very hard to have such intense colors when working with stoneware and that is what makes our designs so special."