Tan Piu candle set


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Unique sculptural design candle set in soft earth tones. Each candle is crafted by Ann Vincent Studio using a soy wax blend, poured into molds and finished by hand with a custom knife.
Because each candle is handmade, small irregularities in shape and color may occur.

  • Handmade by Ann Vincent Studio in Belgium
  • Material soy wax
  • Dimensions:
    H 15cm x W 5cm
    H 12cm x W 5cm
    H 15cm x W 3cm
  • Burn time approx. 25h
  • Product Note: For best results, the candle should not burn for more than two hours at a time. The wick should be kept to 0.5 cm.

A nn Vincent is an artist from Ghent, Belgium. Through a playful approach, she creates works of art out of wax. Ann is guided by matter itself, using a mixture of wax, soy and paraffin to create shapes and colors purely by instinct. As the candles melt, they take on a new look and tell a different story, always poetic.


Die Kerzen von Ann Vincent Studio gehörten zu den ersten Produkten, von denen ich sofort wusste, dass sie bei HUMAN NEST aufgenommen werden müssen. Es hat mich begeistert, wie die Künstlerin es geschafft hat, eine Kerze neu zu interpretieren und skulpturale Kunstobjekte zu erschaffen. Zudem sind ihre Farbkonzepte kunstvoll elegant und unterstreichen den gehobenen Charakter.

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