Kolektiv DVA

Deep plate JUHA - White


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This minimalist deep plate is made of cut white stoneware clay with a white matte glaze. Artist trio Kolektiv DVA combine traditional pottery techniques and a minimalist aesthetic to create beautifully handcrafted objects for the modern home.

    • Handmade in Ljubljana, Slovenia
    • Dimensions: W 20cm x H 4cm
    • Material: liquid stoneware clay with pigments and white matt glaze, only natural materials are used
    • Dishwasher safe but hand wash recommended

Each Kolektiv DVA item has been handcrafted and then dried. It is then fired in the kiln, glazed by hand and fired again. This process makes each object slightly different (both in shape and size) and truly unique. All items are glazed with non-toxic materials (glaze does not contain lead or cadmium), making them food-safe. The items can be washed in the dishwasher, but careful hand washing is recommended.


Lange war ich auf der Suche nach (handgefertigtem) Geschirr, das zwar ‚klassisch‘ wirkt, aber doch irgendwie besonders ist. Geeignet für All- und Festtag.
Fündig geworden bin ich bei Kolektiv DVA, einem Künstlerteam aus Slowenien, das zeitlose und minimalistische Objekte in einem aufwendigen Prozess herstellt. Daher freue ich mich, deren ästhetische Arbeit auch bei HUMAN NEST zu präsentieren.

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