Twist Candle - Olive Green


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The TWIST candles from Lex Pott are a real eye-catcher and somehow belong to the classics among candles.

The TWIST candles use the flexibility of wax. There Candles are usually straight, they need a base. In this project Lex Pott tried to combine both the base and the candle in a single material form. The result is a candlestick with two ends.

      • handmade
      • Dimensions: H 24cm x W 10cm x L 17.5cm
      • Because each candle is handmade, there may be slight variations in size and weight; the white streaks that appear during manufacture are normal and not a quality defect
      • The colored candles may differ from the color on the photos. Neon orange is even brighter in real life
      • 10h burning time per candle. Candles can only burn up to the base, see also additional information in the packaging


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        Die Twist-Kerzen sind meine Go-to Kerzen, wenn es mal etwas Farbe sein darf. Außerdem sind sie ein cooles Geschenk, weil sie eben etwas mehr sind als eine gewöhnliche Kerze.

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