Japanese Hinoki Aroma Bath Flakes


Hinoki wood is favored in Japan for its appealing woody scent. The natural resin content of Hinoki bath flakes prevents the formation of mold and mildew, which means that each bag can be used several times.

The sachet emits a soothing and rejuvenating aroma when immersed in water and is ideal for pairing with a warm bath. As you dive into the bath, the scent of cypress fills the air. It can also be placed in a dresser as a scent or as an insect repellent.

This bath aroma is made from Kiso Hinoki Cypress wood chips that are scented with natural essential oil extracts.

Manufactured in Kochi Prefecture, Japan

Material: Hinoki wood (Japanese cypress), only from natural by-product of deforestation

Contents: 2 bags of hinoki flakes

Use and care: The entire bag is always put into the water. Allow to dry after each use. The pouch can be used multiple times.

Tosaryu was founded in 1970 in Kochi, Japan. Kochi is known for its high-quality hinoki (Japanese cypress). Tosaryu wood chips are a natural by-product of forest thinning. Tosaryu artisans use local hinoki, which is a natural by-product of deforestation. They produce Hinoki bathroom and kitchen items that are functional, well designed and made in a 100% natural, eco-friendly forest thinning process.

Hinoki wood is prized in Japan for its appealing, invigorating scent. Hinoki's natural resin content prevents mold and mildew and resists bacteria and odor absorption. Hinoki products should be hand washed. Excess resin can be removed with hot water.