Breu Resin Incense Blend - White Sage - Bundle of 6


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The INCAUSA Breu Resin White Sage Bundle is a lovingly packaged bundle of handcrafted indigenous ceremonial incense sticks.

These resin incense sticks are made from a blend of Breu resin and white sage. White sage has been used to cleanse rooms for centuries. It is also said to have the power of protection and wisdom. White Sage is characterized by its tart and smoky scent.

Breu is the basis of the incense stick and in combination with other woods and leaves different scents result. (Palo Santo / Sage / Pure Brue)
Breu's fragrance notes are complex, rich, aromatic woody, earthy, spicy.

Breu is considered a sacred resin and is also known as Brazilian frankincense, which is extracted from the Almacega tree of the Amazon rainforest. It has been used in healing rituals and to promote positive energy for centuries. The tree naturally produces this fragrant resin, which solidifies on the trunks and can then be 'harvested'. Breu is also used by Amazonian people as a natural incense to keep away unwanted insects, to perfume homes, and to prepare sacred baths and rituals.

Handmade in South America and lovingly hand-packed
Contents: 6 pieces of White Sage Breu Resin incense sticks
Burn time: approx. 50 min.
INCAUSA is a social enterprise that operates as a non-profit trader in indigenous heritage craftsmanship. Here one concentrates in particular on the traditional ceremonies and rituals of the indigenous peoples in the Amazon Basin in Brazil.

INCAUSA works with indigenous initiatives to develop non-profit trading and marketplaces. The aim is to revitalize indigenous heritage, highlight cultural values and create sustainable opportunities.

Everything is subject to the transparency of certified and fair trade.

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