Libra candle


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Mulier Studio create sculptural wax figures that are designed to connect you to the present moment and your ability to transform through their shape, color and scent. The mere contemplative experience attempts to represent the stages of a process which, as a result, leads us to discover our own light. They model the wax to represent the intangible of this process. Mulier Studio invites you to embrace your own wound, because it is where the light will penetrate.

They are inspired by the colors of nature and its elements. The reddish tones of the earth, the blues and grays of the water, the greens and browns of the vegetation. They are born as forms of light that blend into their own environment.

  • Handmade in Spain
  • Material: Vegetable soy wax, cotton wick and color pigments. Minimum percentage of mineral wax required for the stability of the piece.
  • Scent: cotton flower scent
  • Dimensions: W 5cm x H 10.5cm
  • Application: Always place on a heat-resistant surface. The wax figures are conceived as decorative objects whose mere contemplative experience should allow one to enjoy colour, form and fragrance. Do not burn for more than 2 hours at a time.
  • Because these are irregularly shaped pieces, the wick may burn faster in some places than others. If the flame is very strong, the wick should be cut off a little; on the other hand, if the flame dies out, some of the melted wax should be poured out.

Additional information from the manufacturer:

Pure wax candles may be covered with a faint whitish layer due to variations in time and temperature. It is not a defect; it is a sign of the quality and purity of the wax. To remove it, simply rub the candle gently with a dry cotton cloth.


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