Japanese Jujube Wood Soup Bowl - Dark Brown


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The ALONGU soup bowl is an ingenious approach to the efficient use of resources. The bowl is made of jujube wood and handcrafted by artisans in China. As a natural material, wood exhibits patterns such as knots and stains that appear as the tree grows.
But instead of removing these parts from the raw material, they remain throughout production. Bowls with these patterns have a translucent dark brown coating, while bowls with a more uniform appearance have a clear coating.
This commitment to reducing waste also extends to the production quantities of each colour, which are dictated by the properties of the material rather than predefined targets. This not only enables efficient use of resources, but also reduces the load on the factory.

  • Traditionally handmade in China by artisans
  • Dimensions: W 12cm x H 7cm
  • Material: jujube wood
  • Handwash only
  • Do not put in the microwave
  • No abrasives and bleach
  • Do not leave soaked in water
  • Do not expose to direct sunlight

More about ALONGU:

ALONGU was founded in 2022 by SAIKAI Tokyo (including well-known brands such as HASAMI Porcelain). The entire collection was designed by multi-award winning designer Jin Kuramoto. Kuramoto studied Japanese porcelain manufacturing in Japan for several years to create the perfect product for ALONGU. His designs are inspired by the transformational process of Japanese food culture that has evolved over countless generations, integrating different styles and reinterpreting them in unique ways. Therefore, the different plates and bowls should be used for a wide variety of international dishes.

The name ALONGU references the pursuit of tableware for today's Japanese cuisine, embracing diverse national and regional influences while signaling their future.
Based on the word "along," the unique spelling reflects the Japanese romanization method, which combined with kanji characters 明論具 expresses the concept of Japanese-made vessels for a wide range of international cuisines.


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