INCAUSA Stoneware Smudge Bowl - White - Small


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The INCAUSA incense smudge bowls of stoneware are hand-thrown, provided with a specially manufactured glaze and fired on wood.

In the bowls, for example, the palo santo or sage bundles can be smoked.
  • Handmade in Brooklyn, New York
  • Material: earthenware
  • Dimensions: ø 9 cm x H 5,5 cm
  • Each product is handmade and therefore unique; there may be deviations in shape, glaze and size

INCAUSA is a social enterprise operating as a non-profit trader in indigenous heritage craftsmanship. Here one concentrates in particular on the traditional ceremonies and rituals of the indigenous peoples in the Amazon Basin in Brazil.

INCAUSA works with indigenous initiatives to develop non-profit trading and marketplaces. The aim is to revitalize indigenous heritage, highlight cultural values and create sustainable opportunities.

Ensuring fair trade practices from procurement to fulfillment,
Incausa coordinates the production of hand-harvested
Breu resin, palo santo, sage, chacrona and jagube frankincense in South America,
accompanied by meditation tools handmade in Nepal.

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