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ALONGU was founded in 2022 by SAIKAI Tokyo (including well-known brands such as HASAMI Porcelain). The entire collection was designed by multi-award winning designer Jin Kuramoto. Kuramoto studied Japanese porcelain manufacturing in Japan for several years to create the perfect product for ALONGU. His designs are inspired by the transformational process of Japanese food culture that has evolved over countless generations, integrating different styles and reinterpreting them in unique ways. Therefore, the different plates and bowls should be used for a wide variety of international dishes.
  • Traditionally made in Hasami, Japan (Nagasaki Prefecture)
  • Dimensions:
    25 cm x 2.3 cm
    22 cm x 2.3 cm
    16 cm x 2 cm
    10 cm x 1.8 cm
  • Material: Porcelain; small black iron spots are a natural occurrence during the manufacturing process and showcase the individual character and charm
  • Dishwasher Safe / Microwave Safe

More about ALONGU:

ALONGU believes in the charm of individual expressions, such as natural variations in glaze, but does not manufacture so-called B-grade products.
Porcelain products are often associated with the image of unity. In fact, however, they are the result of numerous processes shaped by nature, from kiln firing, in which the internal condition varies with the seasons and climate, to steps performed by hand, to the product inspection process, which traditionally considers black iron spots and glaze variations as imperfections become. ALONGU wants to present the beauty of nature and the individual properties of materials. Porcelain vessels are coated with a glaze that creates rich expressions through crystalline reactions. Small dots and variations, which are generally considered faulty, are an expression of their character, since ALONGU tries to emphasize the individual charm of the products for manufacturers and customers alike.

ALONGU porcelain tableware is manufactured in the city of Hasami in Nagasaki Prefecture. During the brand's development, in the roughly 400-year-old porcelain industry, large quantities of pottery are fired in large climbing kilns, with local people coming together to take turns directing the fire. The spirit of sharing extends to agriculture: local farmers use a shared water source to grow rice in terraced fields. These collaborative approaches, handed down to this day, inspired ALONGU to create products that enrich the relationships between people (manufacturers and customers) linked to the brand and the environment. This led to the development and implementation of a sustainable production cycle that takes into account natural variations, which means that there are no so-called B-grade products.

The name ALONGU references the pursuit of tableware for today's Japanese cuisine, embracing diverse national and regional influences while signaling their future.
Based on the word "along," the unique spelling reflects the Japanese romanization method used in combination with kanji characters明論具 expresses the concept of Japanese-made vessels for a wide range of international cuisines.


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