MARIA - Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Greece (500ml)


First of all: This Greek olive oil is an absolute insider tip. It not only tastes good, but is the perfect all-rounder.

MARIA comes from a cooperative with experienced olive producers. They all come from the area of ​​Kritsa, a village in Crete that is home to some of the oldest olive trees in Greece.

Today the quality of this olive oil is internationally recognized. It has received numerous awards, notably first prize at the IOC's Mario Solinas Awards 2008 or the Berlin Global Olive Oil Award 2020 in gold.

When asked about the olive oil's success, the chairman of the Kritsa Agricultural Cooperative answered frankly: "The olive oil producers of Kritsa have an almost religious devotion to their olive production..."

For the MARIA olive oil, the olives are ground shortly after harvest. In addition to the acidity, other properties of the olive oil can also be improved in this way. In addition, the dry and warm environment with plenty of sunlight ensures a special development of the olive.

  • Origin : Kritsa (Crete), Greece 
  • Content : 500ml
  • Location: Only olive groves from the light-filled, sun-kissed mountain landscapes of Crete with their mild sea climate are selected for the high-quality olive oil. The "Lianolia" olive is used, which is very oily and aromatic.
  • Production : Obtained directly from olives using exclusively mechanical processes.
  • Taste :
    • A full-bodied oil with a flavor of artichokes and green apples
    • Classy on the palate, slightly scratchy and a certain sharpness
    • It reveals fine citrus aromas (lemon with some tangerine) in the finish
  • Storage : Well sealed in a dark and cool place. At temperatures below +7 °C (e.g. in the refrigerator) olive oil can become flaky. This is normal and does not affect the quality of the oil.
  • Packaging/Design: In collaboration with Hanna Plagens

Why this olive oil for HUMAN NEST?

'MARIA' is a heart project. We came across this olive oil a few years ago through the recommendation of a family member and have since used the olive oil without exception. It wasn't until it was sold out for a while and we had to resort to an alternative that we realized how good it really is. The hummus, the dressings suddenly didn't taste so good anymore. This is how the idea of ​​offering this olive oil at HUMAN NEST came about, so that even more people could enjoy this Greek olive oil. For this we had to create a new logo and branding, which has meant that the packaging design now also meets our aesthetic requirements.

The name 'MARIA' stands for the women who passionately take care of the production of the olive oil every day (see pictures).