Slab Stubby Pot Coffee Mug


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Miyelle surprises with oversized shapes and proportions and manages to create works of art from everyday objects that remain functional at the same time. This gives these objects a completely different meaning and makes using them an experience.
This mug is suitable for all coffee and tea preparations. There is a slab plate to match the mug.

  • Handmade in London
  • Dimensions: W 8cm x H 8.5cm x D 5cm
  • Material: Stoneware with a speckled texture
  • Since each object is handmade, the individual piece can vary in shape

The slab stubby pot with its distinctive overlapping detail is made using the slab construction technique. A clay sheet is unrolled and each design is created from a simple cut out circle, rectangle and half circle.

About Miyelle:
Miyelle is a ceramic artist who has been teaching herself everything since 2017. Inspired by natural and abstract forms, she experiments with how these two seemingly opposite ideas can be combined. With a focus on creating functional homewares, she seeks to elevate the experience of everyday rituals by creating objects that are playful, beautiful and tactile. The sculptural designs use exaggerated shapes and proportions in hopes that they will surprise and delight. Each piece is carefully handcrafted in London.


It was definitely love at first sight when I discovered the Miyelle mugs. My coffee and tea routines in everyday life have a special status. I make a conscious effort to do this. These extraordinary cups underline this special moment and make it a visual and haptic highlight. It feels almost majestic.

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