Vintage Italian chess board AA Chiellini


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This beautiful alabaster chessboard is a rare vintage find from Italy AA Chiellini . In the classic brown and cream it looks very elegant and high-quality. It is also in very good condition. Due to the high-quality material of heavy alabaster and craftsmanship, every game is a unique experience. As a decoration, it is not only a special eye-catcher, but also automatically invites you to play.

  • Handmade in Italy / AA Chiellini
  • Size: 37x37cm
  • Material: Alabaster (brown, cream)
  • Good condition: the game is in good to very good used condition. It has no major scratches or chips.
  • Chessboard : Overall good to very good condition. It has very fine scratch lines that cannot even be shown in the photo. Therefore, this has no impact on the overall appearance.
  • Chess pieces : The pieces are in very good used condition. On some of the figures you can see very light chips, but relatively small. There are no major chips.
  • It is important to note that this is a vintage and used item, so errors and wear and tear may occur. Although we try to document everything in photos as best as possible, we could still miss something.

Returns: Since this is a vintage item, it cannot be claimed or returned.

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