Hi, my name is Emilia and HUMAN NEST is my heart project. After almost ten years in the corporate world (marketing), I've had to admit that I'm missing something. Above all, I felt that I was giving my creativity far too little time and space. It was only through a painful change that I found the courage to change direction and follow my inner passion for more creativity. And that opened the way for HUMAN NEST. 

My personal passion lies in seeing the beauty in the small things and routines of everyday life. I love creating an atmosphere that inspires me and evokes positive emotions. So it is important to me that my home is not only a place of refuge, but also my 'happy place', which is characterized by aesthetics, harmony and love. For me it is not important to create a perfect and stylish apartment. I find a home is much more than that and as complex as ourselves. It is an ongoing process, reflecting and adapting to our changes in life. When I'm asked about my interior design style, I answer that I don't have one (maybe I'm only asked because none is recognizable ;)). In fact, my style is driven by my values and gut instinct. These include security, aesthetics, authenticity and increasingly the issue of sustainability. And it is human nature that our values can change over time in different circumstances. 

With this in mind, I've learned over the years to make better decisions about what I want to include in my life and in my home. If I want to buy something, it has to be special to me in some way. This can be fulfilled in a variety of ways. It can be the design, a one-off, something handmade, a memento or a beautiful vintage find. This is not just a hobby, for me it is part of more conscious consumption and a more sustainable way of life. 

The idea to create a place like HUMAN NEST came from a passion to beautify everyday moments and from frustration. Because the large selection on the Internet is ambiguous for me. On the one hand I love and appreciate the great variety and the possibility to be inspired from anywhere in the world in just one place. On the other hand, I'm overwhelmed by the same deluge of alternatives and disappointed by the lack of transparency regarding manufacturing. It's incredibly time-consuming and energy-sapping to rummage through what's on offer to finally find something I like. That's why I'm particularly happy when I've found smaller shops or independent manufacturers who only offer a selected and manageable range and I find myself in my personal taste. I really enjoy going through the world with open eyes and discovering new and inspiring things for me.

And so I would also like to address people with this online shop who are happy and inspired by an assortment that I have carefully selected. The focus is on quality and design for the most sustainable decision possible and for products that have the potential to serve and give pleasure for a long time.

This site is a very personal reflection of my own style and taste, and who I am. It's also very scary at the same time because I'm showing a very intimate side of myself. I really hope that many will resonate with this aesthetic and reinterpret and rethink it so that it suits their lives.