The work begins within.

Life coaching is now an integral part of HUMAN NEST and contributes significantly to the philosophy of conscious and mindful living, realized both internally and externally. This expansion of the offering has developed organically and enriches the mission of HUMAN NEST in a profound way.

The decision to also offer life coaching as an essential part of HUMAN NEST arose amidst the inspiring atmosphere of HUMAN NEST and was by no means part of a predefined plan. Originally started as a concept store, HUMAN NEST has developed into a multidisciplinary space that embodies awareness and mindfulness both internally and externally.

Through the conversations and interactions with other people, I realized that the founding of HUMAN NEST was only possible because I first turned to my own inner world, observed it, healed it and transformed it. This process was the foundation on which I was able to realize both HUMAN NEST and my path as a life coach.

I experienced first-hand how transformative life coaching can be, how it helps us to recognize our innermost desires and to have the courage to express them.

The realization that all of our answers are already within us and that we need to open ourselves up to look at them honestly inspired me to share my experiences and knowledge. Because now I know that we must first create the reality on the inside that we want to see on the outside. This realization is a powerful source of inspiration that drives me to help others explore their inner world and unfold their true essence.

Change often only happens when the pain of staying is greater than the pain of changing.

Without the challenges I have faced in my own life, this path might not have been taken so quickly. Perhaps my body would have told me to rest sooner. But my motivation is to inspire other people not to have to experience a profound change before they find the courage to change.

It is unfortunate that many of us only bring about change when the alternative seems unbearable. My goal is to support people - especially women - on their journey to recognize their own strength and develop their full potential. Personal development requires that we face our shadows, our traumas and the limiting beliefs that hold us back.

Journey of self discovery and growth.

This process is challenging because it requires us to first become aware of what is going on inside us in order to then enable a transformation of our consciousness. Through this conscious confrontation, we gain clarity about why certain situations trigger us and what prevents us from taking the next step.

Ultimately, coaching is about mentoring - about accompanying people on their journey and supporting them to reach their true potential and live a fulfilling life. It is a journey of self-discovery and growth that I share with great dedication and passion to help others find and follow their own path.