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MONK Mug - Ash


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The beautiful Monk mugs are made from black stoneware and covered with a light matt glaze. The cups are comfortable to hold and have a soft, smooth surface.

The Monk line is available at HUMAN NEST in two colors:
Ash with a nice cool gray tone
Moss was created exclusively in collaboration with HUMAN NEST. Inspired by nature, a dark green-brown tone was mixed. It feels like you are holding a piece of forest in your hands.

They are a perfect companion for coffee, tea and cocoa, but also for serving ice cream or even as a flower bowl.

  • Handcrafted in Hamburg, Germany
  • Material: clay
  • Dimensions: H 8.5cm x D 8.2cm; Capacity approx. 230 ml
  • Since each mug is individually handmade, they can differ in shape, color/glaze and size, making them a very special one-of-a-kind piece

About studio MĀLS* –

studio MĀLS is a ceramics space with a love for minimalist yet delicate aesthetics. Founded in 2014 by designer Nata Pestune to slow down, connect and create beautiful and meaningful objects for everyday use.

Each individual piece is made by hand, mostly using the traditional technique of turning on a potter's wheel.

After living in China for almost two years and studying the language, culture and art, it all started here. The city where she lived, surrounded by tea plantations, where she drank tea every day and visited teahouses, inspired her first objects: tiny teapots.

The focus is on objects for the table, from plates and cups to vases and flower frogs. She has a deep appreciation for Asian art, philosophy and aesthetics and incorporates them into her work.

She uses stoneware and porcelain as her main material and works in several collections. Sometimes she experiments with clay and glazes, adding new colors to create unique pieces.

The focus of their attention is the fusion of beauty, simplicity (or simplicity) and function. Colors are kept to a minimum, allowing the shape and natural tone of the clay to shine through and interact calmly with the environment in which it is placed.

*from Latvian, written as māls, meaning sound.

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