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Cylindrical candles - ivory


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Ester & Erik has been producing candles since 1987 and has remained true to traditional craftsmanship and the use of the highest quality materials to this day. The candles are natural products made of wax, wick and dye of the highest quality. This distinguishes Ester & Erik. To achieve just the right shape, a raw stick candle is dipped in warm paraffin 24-25 times, a process that takes 4-5 hours. After cooling for 2 hours, the candle is colored and possibly varnished and then left to dry again before hardening for 24 hours, after which it is packaged and shipped to our customers.

A great deal of care is put into the cylinder plugs as it is extremely difficult to produce a cylinder plug using the hand dipping process. But that's exactly what Ester & Erik succeeded in doing, and the result is a beautiful and elegant candle that is completely straight at the top.
  • Handmade in Silkeborg, Denmark
  • Material: Made of 100% pure, fragrance-free paraffin wax, wick is made of 100% cotton, the color is based on Wasserbaus
  • Dimensions: L 18 cm / 2.6 cm diameter
  • Burn time: 9 hours
  • Base: The base of the candle is conical in shape, which allows the candle to fit in most candle holders
  • Self-extinguishing: The candle is self-extinguishing, so the flame will go out 2-3 centimeters from the ground (however, we recommend never leaving lit candles unattended).

Tips from the manufacturer for optimal burning of the candle:

  • For candles with lacquer, gold or silver coating, it is important that after extinguishing the candle with a fire extinguisher, the outermost layer of lacquer is removed from the recess around the wick so that the candle can be lit again without any problems.

    Tips for burning candles: In order for the candle to burn optimally, we recommend keeping the wick short, candles at least 10 cm apart and avoid placing candles in drafts or over a radiator.

When searching for the right candles for HUMAN NEST, I realized that candles and their manufacture are a science in themselves. When it comes to the highest quality of material and manufacturing process, I have always ended up at Ester&Erik. (See product description for all benefits.) Also: The slight imperfection of the candles (slight bulges appear on the candle due to repeated immersion in wax) always reminds me of the peculiarity of the traditional manufacturing process. So we are happy to have found a partner whose products we can offer with full conviction.

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