Flower Tasting Collection - 3 tea variations


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Feel a general sense of inner Zen.

Experience all three varieties of flowering tea in this Floral Tasting Collection for a magical flower garden-to-cup ritual. Set your intentions, watch the flower blossom back to life and feel its beauty and qi.

  • The Floral Tasting Collection includes:
    3 individually wrapped lotus flowers (more details here)
    3 individually wrapped chrysanthemum flowers (more details here)
    3 individually wrapped rose petals (more details here)
  • 27 x servings 1 flower = 3 cups (after the 1st brewing process, top up with hot water 2 more times)
  • antioxidants
  • Vegan
  • naturally caffeine free
  • All The Qi flowers are 100% traceable, genuine and sustainably sourced from small family owned farms

Preparation :
Pour hot water (190-200°F) over a flower in a clear glass mug/pot, preferably using bamboo tongs (or something similar such as chopsticks) to weigh it down so it is completely submerged. Leave for 3-5 minutes. The flower remains in the water and becomes even more beautiful with each infusion.

Helps reduce stress + anxiety
Promotes radiant skin and hair
Helps strengthen the immune system
Promotes a healthier digestive system

Qi (meaning life energy) arose from a belief in the connection between inner and outer beauty and the power of flowers and their ability to promote a deep sense of holistic well-being. According to ancient Eastern philosophies, it is believed that when a plant flowers, it has reached the peak of its life and the flowers are the fruit of this Qi energy at the highest level. All of The Qi's flowers come from family-owned farms that offer only single-origin, whole-flower herbs as they consistently provide the richest flavonoids, nutrients, and flavors


Ich wollte die Tees von The Qi unbedingt bei HUMAN NEST aufnehmen, nachdem ich sie zum ersten Mal geschenkt bekommen habe. Ich war total begeistert, weil es jedes Mal ein so besonderes Erlebnis ist, die Blumen aufzugießen und ihnen beim 'Erblühen' zuzuschauen. Immer wenn ich mir einen besonderen Me-Moment gönnen möchte, gehört der Blütentee schon zum Ritual dazu. Tipp: Ich habe mir nachträglich auch die Bambuszange bestellt, um die Blüte besser darin zu schwenken. (Das erste mal hatte ich es mit einer Gabel und Essstäbchen probiert, war nicht besonders praktisch und hat aber die komplette Ästhetik gestört).

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