Alpaca and Wool Blanket - Brown


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IN BED is an Australian design brand, founded by Pip Vassett, creating timeless, beautiful products in a responsible and respectful way. The goal is to inspire the community through meaningful design and share stories to encourage positive change.

INBED's super soft and warm alpaca throws are perfect for snuggling up through all the seasons. The blankets are particularly cuddly and you immediately feel warm as soon as you snuggle up in the blanket. Due to the special colors and the design, they are beautiful home accessories that can be used as a color highlight on the sofa or armchair.

  • Handmade in South Africa
  • Material: 80% alpaca and 20% wool
  • Size: 185*125cm
  • Throws have a lash line at both ends
  • Dry clean only (economical, alpaca naturally sheds odors and dirt)

Alpaca fleece is one of the most sustainable wool options available, hypoallergenic and the lightest and warmest natural fiber (one ply of alpaca fleece is approximately 5 plies of regular wool). It also naturally repels dirt and odors, meaning it requires minimal washing (we recommend once a season if in use).

Responsible wool standard
RWS certification ensures that the wool comes from farms that take a progressive approach to cultivating their land, practicing holistic respect for the welfare of sheep and respecting the five freedoms of animal welfare.

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